“You tell me what you want and I will tell you how to get it""I believe each of us has a talent. The key is to discover what it is and how to capitalize on it.""Nothing beats teamwork when it’s working.""High performance needs to become a habit""The attitude and morale at operational level go hand in hand with KPI performance - affect the former and you affect the latter

Welcome to the website of Cherie Concannon

Today businesses want quality and value at speed which is why Cherie Concannon has developed 3 unorthodox and unique approaches to advancing the performance of individuals and groups.

As a High Performance Leadership Coach, Cherie Concannon achieves optimum efficiency and increased productivity with individuals, teams and organisations.  Cherie’s effective techniques have transformed hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals.  

An individual or organisation will seek out Cherie’s services for one or more of the following reasons:

  • An individual wants hands on guidance and help to advance up the corporate ladder.
  • There is conflict or politics between senior people in the company causing problems for the company or individuals.
  • A previously high performer is experiencing a drop in performance levels.
  • An individual needs support in stepping up a gear in their leadership style from operational to strategic.
  • An individual is experiencing high levels of pressure and needs support.
  • An individual or group is going through massive changes causing unrest, distraction and disruption to performance.
  • An individual or group are under performing and disengaged due to low morale or poor attitude.